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My Name is Otto Knotzer 69 Years,

I am an Austrian entrepreneur, emigrated to Hungary and have been living as a private person in a quiet and beautiful area of the country for the past few years.

Social network for entrepreneurs. The rise of entrepreneurs is gaining momentum. Markethive is the ecosystem for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are not managers. Innovators and visionaries with endless enthusiasm and connected with a resource of inner knowledge and inner ideas. Many potential entrepreneurs are inhibited and tied to the consistent worldly messages of adapting, getting the job, becoming a gear, getting college education, indebted, and following the authoritative message. Competent entrepreneurs step forward and show others the way. They accept the difficult, they remove the difficult obstacles and, like the Marines, always come first and last.

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Start here You can only win: Otto













To your MASSIVE success in 2020 !!


Start here You can only win: Otto


Looking forward to helping you.


Otto Knotzer